** Every family of City Neighbors Charter School is expected to join one of the many school committees.
The committees are an opportunity to be a part of the ongoing creation of our school.
Please find a committee that feels right to you and join us in the creation of our school!


Communications Committee:

Chair:  Gemma Bridges-Lyman

Contact info:
Meeting Place: CNCS
Meeting Day: TBD

Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events:

The Communications Committee is responsible for facilitating the communication of the school and Board with the families of CNCS. This includes the school website as well as print and digital communications.

Fundraising Committee:

Chair: Brittany Karmasek


Meeting Place: CNCS    
Meeting Day: TBD

Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events:

This committee assists in coordinating efforts to raise money to meet the school's commitment to providing a rich learning program for our students. Our fundraising goal for this year is $28,000. The money raised is used for many important programs and supplies including enrichment clubs, classroom and teaching supplies, field trips all over the US and even Germany, IT support, professional development for teachers and much more. Please come join in the fun and help us meet our goal!

The Classroom Parent Committee:

Chair:  Jessica Kohnen
Contact info:
Meeting Place: CNCS
Meeting Day: TBD
Meeting Time: TBD

Brief Description of Responsibilities and/or Events:

At CNCS, each class has a Classroom Parent who works with the teacher to support the work of the classroom, and serves to help with school-wide volunteer efforts. This is a special role for a family member in each grade, and it is also a critical part of our school communication system. Teachers may call on the Classroom Parent to assist with planning and coordinating classroom activities, projects, supply needs, field trips, etc. This job requires the ability to work closely with the teacher, build relationships with the families, maintain a contact list of phone numbers and emails for each class family, and help organize the volunteers for the class. Classroom Parents are selected by the principal, in collaboration with teachers, the Director of the Classroom Parent Committee, and those interested in the position. Each Classroom Parent is a member of the Classroom Parent Committee (CPC), which is chaired by the Director of the Classroom Parent Committee. In addition to three committee meetings a year (once per trimester), the Classroom Parent Committee will be involved in supporting important CNCS events and traditions, such as the annual holiday luncheon for teachers, work days, annual fundraising events, teacher appreciation week, advocacy efforts, the international pot luck dinner, and the annual end-of-year picnic.

Find your classroom parent:

Kindergarten: Liz Zigby (katzogby@gmail.comand Robin Scott
1st Grade: Lucy Bailey (
2nd Grade: Betsy Bartow (
3rd Grade: Aneka Winstead (
4th Grade: Samad ( and Nicole Onque (
5th Grade: Linda Baker  (
6th Grade: Lucy Mulqueen (
7th Grade: Nolita White (
8th Grade: Bobbi Macdonald ( and Mindy Morris (

Community Relations Committee:

Chair: Liz Sterner
Contact info:
Meeting Place: CNCS
Meeting Day: 2nd Thursday of every month; additional meetings before events

Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events:

This committee works to build and strengthen our relationships with both the outside community and the internal school community through social events. The International Potluck Dinner is an example of one of our annual events.

This year the committee will continue focusing on the cultural diversity at City Neighbors and fostering relationships with our neighbors. Come join!

Facilties Committee:

Chair: TBD
Contact info: 
Meeting Place: CNCS
Meeting Day: school year:  2nd Saturday
Meeting Time: school year: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Summer Hours: July-August (usually weekends-exact time TBA via email and/or phone)

Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events:

The Facilities Committee participates in the planning and upkeep of CNCS, focusing on the cleaning and upkeep of the building. Members assist and support the Principal in creating a well maintained learning environment for students and teachers. Students are encouraged to participate and their hours count also. TheFacilities Committee assists the CNCS Board and Faculty in planning for future facility needs of the school, expediting refurbishing or renovation projects and monitoring of facility systems.

This committee saves the school thousands of dollars through our efforts. Please come and join us!

GREENing Committee (Subcommittee of the Building Committee):

Chair: [open]
Meeting Place: CNCS
Meeting Day/Time: TBD

Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events:

The Greening Committee sponsors a variety of events and workshops focused on recycling, environmental awareness, and sustainability. Last year the committee succeeded in getting Green School Certification for CNCS.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair: Kuana "Nikki" Burris

Contact info:

Meeting Place: CNCS

Meeting Day: 2nd Wednesday of every month; additional meetings before events

Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events:

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee meets monthly during the school year. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee seeks to help parents and guardians become more involved in the life of the school, to ensure City Neighbors achieves its objective through full participation by all families. Our job is to proactively promote, support, and celebrate our wonderful diversity at City Neighbors. The committee seeks to ensure all new parents and guardians find ways to participate in the life of the school with the gifts and abilities they want to share. The committee coordinates a variety of events for parents to discuss issues of our school’s diversity and to identify solutions that ensure full participation by all students and parents is encouraged and facilitated by the school.



Because the following committees require specific expertise and a high level of confidentiality, the committee members are appointed by the Board. Please submit your name to the Chair if you are interested in the committee.

Governance Committee:

Chair: Interim (Kuana "Nikki" Burris)
Maximum number of people:  8
Contact info:
Meeting Place: CNCS or Bobbi’s house
Meeting Day: 1st Tuesday (as needed)
Meeting Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events:

The Governance Committee makes recommendations for the ongoing successful governance of the school, including reviewing policies and the school handbook. Governance oversees elections each year, fosters governance-related communication with the CNCS community, and conducts an ongoing review of the CNCS bylaws. The Governance Committee assesses the needs of the Board of Directors and is also charged with making suggestions for electing community board members.

Finance Committee:

Chair:Jenifer Gisriel
Maximum number of people:  10
Contact info:
Meeting Place: CNCS

Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events: This committee is charged with the development and approval of the CNCS annual budget and a review of financial results during the year.

What other public school gives parents and teachers the opportunity to be part of the process to create and approve the budget? We need your input!

Accountability Committee:

Chair:  Eleanor Simi
Maximum number of people:  6
Contact info:
Meeting Place: CNCS
Meeting Day: TBA
Meeting Time: TBA
Brief Description of Responsibilities and Events:

The Accountability Committee oversees enrollment and registration (done by the school office), and facilitates the development of the CNCS Annual Accountability Plan with input from all involved parties.

The Accountability Committee oversees that the volunteer hours are met by each family as required by the CNCS charter and handbook.

Ad Hoc Committees:

From time to time the Board of Directors may create a committee or task force to organize a specific one-time or exploratory project that may require special skills or connections in the broader community. The formation of ad hoc committees will be announced in the Monday Mailer or the News From the Board.

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