Hands in Dance


This video shows the culmination of a project that integrated cultural studies, visual arts, and movement.


Visiting Dance Artist, Kwame Opare, began working at CNCS as part of his teacher accreditation work at the University of Maryland. He worked with us from September through December 2012. During his time with us, he brought dance and movement integration to many grade levels and subjects. He began working with grade 7 as they were studying the unit "Hands in Art". He and the students developed a "Boots and Bodies" routine that incorporated hand,body and foot movements. The students worked once, sometimes twice, a week to learn this incredible routine. They worked hard and Mr. Kwame instructed them as he does the professional dancers he teaches at the University of Maryland. This video captures the incredible work done by this very talented group of middle school students and the wonderful dedication of Mr. Kwame to his craft and to teaching.


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