Irrational Numbers Human Sculptures: Integrating Movement and Math

The 7th grade math students reviewed math vocabulary words related to irrational numbers. They were asked to group up and create human sculptures that express the relationship between exponents, square roots, and a squared number.

The students shared their thoughts about the words and review their definitions.

Students thinking about math vocabulary and how to represent it spacially.

Then, they got into groups to plan their performances. First, they moved to different locations outside of the room to discuss their roles and plot and actions plan.

A group of students planning their number sculpture.

Next, each group performed their human sculpture.

One group's sculpture.         Group 3's sculpture.         Group 2's sculpture

After their performance they explained their interpretation of the words to the audience. The audience members' job was to ask questions and to tell what they thought they were in the group’s performance.

The audience considering what mathematical component each student played.

Finally, the teams spoke about how they would revise their performance or what they would do differently.


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