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City Neighbors is held up as a "Bright Spot in the Battle Against Chronic Absenteeism" in this fabulous WYPR spot in which Gwendolyn Glenn interviews Mr.Chalupa, Ms.Snellings, Ms.Trinisa and some very lucky students.

Watch our very own Mr.French, Mr.Redgrave and Ms.Jones in this ABC clip showing them protesting the MSA as clowns!  They're not clowning around! 

Listen to Mr.French (and other special guests!) being interviewed by Marc Steiner about his position regarding MSA testing.


Voters of Tomorrow - Weigh in on 2012 Election

November 7, 2012 - By Erica L. Green

If 2,500 Baltimore middle school students have their way Tuesday, President Barack Obama will be re-elected, children of some illegal immigrants will pay in-state tuition rates, same-sex couples can marry and gambling in Maryland will not expand.

The results were announced Monday by the students of City Neighbors Charter School, who through a "Voters of Tomorrow" initiative conducted a mock vote in 29 city schools on key choices facing the state and country on Election Day.

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A School Doing Education Right

September 19, 2007 - By Gregory Kane

If you'd walked into the kindergarten class at the City Neighbors Charter School in Northeast Baltimore last week, the scene would have pretty much summed up what education should be about.

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Walking For Water

Drought For A Day Lesson Teaches About Africa, Global Warming

October 08, 2009 - By Liz Bowie

The middle-school students were tired of walking and their backs hurt from the heavy loads they had been carrying, but they were smiling as they trudged back to their school Wednesday morning, each carrying 5 liters of water.

The lesson for City Neighbors Charter School students was about the scarcity of water in some places in the world and what people go through to meet their basic needs.

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The Pursuit of Edible Lunch CN students sample other schools' lunches.

Students campaign for decent cafeteria food

January 19, 2008 - By Sara Neufeld

The cafeteria pizza at Hamilton Elementary/Middle might not seem like anything special to the students there. But to Morgan Dean, it's heavenly. Biting into her piece of the pie yesterday, the 12-year-old noted the warm, soft crust and the fact that the cheese on top was fully melted.

At City Neighbors Charter School in Northeast Baltimore, where she is in seventh grade, "the cheese tastes kinda like plastic," she said. Morgan and her City Neighbors classmates are on a mission for better cafeteria food.

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The Open Society Institute invited City Neighbors Founder, Bobbi Macdonald and Principal, Mike Chalupa to write a blog on their Audacious Ideas site.

We are after what is not easily measured or defined—a great education.

This was immediately following the First Annual Progressive Eduaction Summit which was organized by the City Neighbors Foundation.
Click here for more information about the Summit, including information about the Second APES coming January 28th 2012!

Click here for a nice article written by Oliver Hulland about the Summit on


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