Project Based Learning

Project-Based Learning, at core, is guided by the idea that students and teachers participate in a long-term in-depth study of a compelling topic.   Project-Based Learning at City Neighbors Charter School has three primary components:  

The development of a compelling topic, in-depth prolonged research using a multitude of sources (including primary sources and field work), and the development of a well-crafted product that synthesizes and presents learning about the topic.   

Through Project-Based Learning, students develop deeply as critical thinkers, researchers, and presenters, while learning all the requisite skills in the pursuit of their project study.  At City Neighbors in recent years, projects studies topics have included DaVinci, the closing of Read’s Drugstore in Baltimore, the Chicken Industry on the Eastern Shore, Birds, and more.  

Click here to see examples of project based studies at City Neighbors Charter School.

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