Reggio Emilia Inspired

Reggio Emilia is the name given to an approach to education that evolved in a Northern Italian municipality named Reggio Emilia. City Neighbors Charter School is inspired by the vision of Reggio Emilia, its view of the child, and its practice. Our school community, culture and practice are inspired in the following ways: the belief that children are strong, intellectually rich, and have countless ways to learn and express themselves (described as “The Hundred Languages of Children”); a commitment to deep in-depth studies; a commitment to the close observation of the child and thoughtful documentation of their work; careful attention to the physical environment and its contribution to the child and his/her learning; the infusion of learning opportunities directed by student interests; and a structure that supports children being educated in a strong community environment.

Click here for more in depth information about the Reggio Emilia Educational model.

Click here to see examples of Reggio Emilia Inspiration in action at City Neighbors Charter School.

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